Market Headlines 16/10/2017


  • US stocks edged slightly higher on Friday, rising 0.1% by the close.
  • Economic data released on Friday showed a significant hurricane distortion in the September headline inflation figure largely related to fallout from a temporary spike in energy prices. The bigger surprise came from another downside surprise for core inflation, which has fallen short of consensus expectations in six of the past seven months.



  • European stocks were unchanged Friday. 16 out of 19 sectors gained with the largest move seen in Basic Resources stocks which gained 2.5%.
  • In monetary policy news, reports on Friday stated that European Central Bank officials are considering cutting their monthly bond buying by at least half starting in January and keeping their program active for at least nine months.



  • In Asia overnight, Japanese stocks gained 0.5% as technology firms and banks bolstered the Japanese stock market. Chinese equities declined 0.2%.
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