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Is your money working for you or are you working for your money?

At MBC Financial Cork Limited, we will help you make an informed decision, and how can you grow your wealth and achieve your financial goals through financial planning.

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What is Financial Planning?

Financial Planning is setting out your route to attain your financial goals through savings and investments. A goal could be a post-retirement lump sum, it could be booking an anniversary cruise, it could be savings for your kids’ weddings or college education, maybe buying a second home or retirement property or it might be leaving an inheritance to your family. And we all need a rainy day fund for the just in case moments in life. There are many possibilities. This is financial goal-setting.

Your goals determine the best savings and investment approach for you. It’s also really important that you get good advice. Research in 2018 of over 1,000 people found that people who’ve received financial advice more than doubled their savings on deposit, almost three times as much money invested and almost twice as much saved for retirement.

Setting Your Financial Goals

Once you’ve set your financial goals you’ll need to examine what is needed to attain these goals including the amount needed but also the time to reach them. How many years before that anniversary trip? When will the kids be going to college? What age do you want to retire and how much do you want to have on your retirement and weekly once you do retire.

Examining your current financial situation

With your MBC Financial Cork advisor we’ll look at your current financial situation with you and see what financial assets and resources do you have. We’ll look at what are your wages/salaries, rental income and existing investments, what savings do you have and are they on deposit? Putting your money on deposit is not an attractive option if making your money grow substantially is your main aim. Let’s take deposit savers in Ireland today, Irish households have 100 million euro on deposit today with a base interest rate of zero percent. We’ll look at your cash flow and liabilities. We’ll look at the likes of rent or mortgage payments, loan repayments, pension contributions. Are you paying too much out on loans, do you have too much bad debt?

Planning for the unexpected

Like having a rainy day fund, we will advise you to plan for the unexpected things life can bring such as medical expenses, a decrease or full loss of income or the unexpected death of you or a loved one. Our Life Cover, Income Protection, Illness cover are designed to ensure you are protected from these losses.

Planning your Financial Future

Now that you know your current financial state, MBC Financial Cork will help you identify your savings and investment goals. We’ll prepare a plan to achieve your goals. We can look at ways of streamlining your current situation by cutting down or removing unnecessary expenses, removing bad debt or leveraging the assets you already have. We will talk you through and agree recommendations with you. We’ll advise you where is best to invest your money and we’ll review your investments regularly. So what else does MBC Financial consider? We will also consider when you want to access your savings, how comfortable you are with taking any risk with your money, your financial capability to take risk, and your broader financial circumstances.

Financial Planning Cork

You’re now in the hands of an expert. MBC Financial is the best source for savings and investment advice, with access to the widest choice of providers and products. We act in your best interests only. You meet the same person every year, and recommendations are based on achieving your goals. So ask yourself, can you afford not to get advice for your savings and investments. So call us today.

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