Financial Advisors FAQs

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How much does a financial advisor cost?

It depends on whether the Financial Planner is providing advice only or advice coupled with a recommendation of a product. The cost of providing advice only could be approximately between €250 to €400 per hour.

However, if it’s a case that the Financial Planner is putting together a financial plan in conjunction with recommending a product with a company, the insurance or investment company may pay the financial planner, so therefore there is no cost to the client. There are two ways that Financial Advisors/Planners can be paid. We either charge fees for the services that we provide and that would be an hourly fee or we are paid a commission for placing the business with the insurance/investment company which is all declared to the client prior to engaging with the Planner.

The fees are disclosed on our Terms of Business/website and a full list of the potential remuneration is disclosed on our website.

Are financial advisor fees tax deductible?

Yes, so if you are company director and I am charging you a fee for services that I provide. It is an allowable expense against your company income.

What qualifications does a financial advisor have or need?

As a minimum competency, the financial advisor would need to have obtained the QFA (Qualified Financial Advisor) designation, that is the minimum competency requirement for a face to face financial advisor. A Financial Planner may also hold other qualifications such as an SIA which is a specialist investment advisor and/or a CFP which is a Certified Financial Planner. Every QFA/SIA/CFP is required to do a minimum number of CPD (Continuous Professional Development) hours on an annual basis to keep their knowledge in line with current regulatory and compliance standards as set out by The Central Bank.

How do I find a reputable financial advisor?

Look for real reviews/testimonials by customers. Make sure that they have a real address and a local phone number. Look at the qualifications of the staff.

Is it worth speaking to a financial advisor?

We think so. Not many people are naturals with their financials and life is becoming more complex when it comes to planning your finances and allocating resources while attempting to save some money.

Who are the best financial advisors?

The best financial advisors are those with many years of experience who have the right qualifications, who have a good reputation, have clients for years or even decades and have your best interests in mind.

What is the difference between a financial planner and a financial advisor?

A financial advisor is someone that you consult about all types of financial issues and gives you independent advice about how to get your finances in order. A financial planner is someone that helps you execute a financial strategy based on your financial goals.

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