Planning for College Costs

Financial Planning for your kids college education is an investment in the future. Whether you have kids now or plan […]

What is Financial Wellbeing?

You may have heard some radio ads or seen some TV ads about Financial Wellbeing. So what is Financial Wellbeing? […]

How To Move From Ulster Bank

Ulster Bank are one of Ireland’s biggest banks and have been operating here for over 160 years but they have […]

Apple Pay, Google Pay and FitBit Pay Charges.

Contactless payment methods have been getting more popular as the years go on as its quick and secure. The only […]

Shopping Around – Bank Charges

Different providers charge different levels of bank charges and often these can be the trigger for people to move around […]

2020 Investment Outlook from Zurich Life Fund Managers

2020 Investment Outlook – Snapshot

Irish Life Investment Outlook 2020

Three main themes we believe investors should focus on; 1. Seek diversification at a reasonable price: look for opportunities to add […]

Inheritance/Estate Tax Planning

HOW MUCH OF YOUR ESTATE ARE YOU LEAVING TO REVENUE WHEN YOU DIE?….please click on link below. Estate Planning Flyer

Time to stock up on quality? 10th Sept. 2019 financial-planning retirement-planning investments

Can you learn from the “rebalancing” trick used by professional investors? Schroders

For investors to achieve – and retain – healthy long-term returns, we think an active re-balancing policy is essential. It […]

Will – Intestate – Power of Attorney

We maintain that the starting point for the proper organisation of your assets and your succession plan is the consideration of: […]

How reinvesting dividends has affected returns over 25 years – Schroders

By David Brett – Investment Writer – Schroders ‘Compounding’ can have a dramatic effect on returns. We highlight the difference […]

Schroders’ monthly markets review – February 2018

A look back at markets in February 2018 when global equity markets retreated as volatility returned. February-2018 Please click on […]

How rising interest rates have affected returns from bonds

Schroders research, covering four decades of data, shows how different types of bond have performed when rates were rising. 13/02/2018 […]

3 Charts from Schroders – Bond Yields, the Dollar & Trump’s Tax Cuts

Bond yields on the up US Treasury (UST) yields have risen 30 basis points (bps) since the start of 2018, […]

Outlook 2018: Another good year for investors?

As investors look ahead to a new year, they could be forgiven for wondering whether they will be as pleasantly […]

How can investors find sustainable income?

Demand for income remains strong but investors may be taking on more risk than they realise. We look at how […]

Lessons from 2017’s surprises

Richard TurnillBlackRock Global Chief Investment Strategist PublishedDecember 19, 2017 Freedom Z / Shutterstock Richard draws lessons from a year that saw surprisingly […]

The stage is set for more volatility in 2018 – Rick Rieder: Blackrock Chief Investment Officer of Global Fixed Income

Rick RiederBlackRock Chief Investment Officer of Global Fixed Income PublishedDecember 15, 2017 Rick Rieder and Russ Brownback examine the more volatile cyclical […]


David Miller, Investment Director, Quilter Cheviot The pace of significant political and economic events seems to have picked up over […]

3 questions to ask yourself before you build your investment/pension portfolio

Your financial future is not something to be left to chance. It demands a well-constructed, goal-oriented investment portfolio. In a […]

10 Rules for Investing

All of us have worked hard to build capital and are looking to preserve and grow the real value of […]

Risks Associated with Pensions and Investments

Pension Risk Each investor is responsible for making all of the investment decisions in relation to his or her pension. […]

Dealing with Volatile Investment Markets

For long-term investors, dealing with volatile markets can be taxing and at times quite frightening. The accumulation of Pension & […]

Don’t ignore the power of Dividends

For investors with a medium to long-term investment horizon, investing in high-yield equities (high dividend paying stocks) is certainly something […]

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