What is Pension Auto-Enrolment? Auto-enrolment is a fresh approach to help people save more for their golden years. Think of it as a savings jar where you, your employer, and even the government drop in some money.

What Does Auto-Enrolment Mean for Me as an Employee?

  • What is it? A retirement savings plan.
  • How much do I pay? You start by setting aside 1.5% of your earnings. This will gradually rise to 6% over a decade.
  • Who can join? If you’re earning over €20,000 annually, are between 23 and 60, and don’t already have a pension, you’re in! Others can opt-in if they wish.
  • How do I keep track? You can at your savings online whenever you wish.
  • Can I hit pause? Yes, but only after the first six months. If you do, you’ll be added back in after two years.

What Does Auto-Enrolment Mean for Me as an Employer?

  • What’s my role? If your team members fit the criteria (like the age and wage criteria), you’ll need to enrol them.
  • How much is my share? You match your employee’s contribution. If they put in 1.5% of their wage, you mirror that.
  • What if I don’t do this? There could be fines or other consequences.
  • Any gains for me? Tax benefits are available, and it might make your firm more appealing to potential hires.

Other Questions Answered:

  • How do we calculate this? Combine what you, your employer, and the government contribute. For instance, on a €20,000 salary at 1.5%, you’ll contribute €300. Your employer matches that, and the government adds €100. So, €700 is saved that year.
  • When was the start? The Department of Social Protection rolled this out in 2023.
  • Starting age? It kicks in from age 23 up to 60, given you meet other criteria.
  • What exactly is the auto-enrolment pension? It’s your retirement nest egg, fed by contributions from you, your employer, and some money from the government.

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