Starting to Save

Are you constantly postponing your savings plans? Always waiting for that "right" moment to start? Well, now is the ideal time to begin saving for something meaningful, for a brighter future. With MBC Financial, it's straightforward and convenient to find the right way to save or invest your money. Here's how:

Set your goals

What is it you’e planning to save for? Spend some time creating a “wish list” of the things or experiences you desire.

Prioritise this list – you can’t achieve everything at once! Do you wish to purchase a new vehicle? Or perhaps you’re dreaming of an unforgettable vacation?

You might be saving for unforeseen circumstances or your children’s academic future.

Do the maths

Whatever your goals, it’s crucial to have clarity and establish a roadmap. Calculate the cost of turning each of your aspirations into reality.

Do some homework to understand approximately how much you’ll need to save. Maybe you have a substantial amount you’re considering investing, which you could supplement with regular contributions.

Plan your budget

Next, determine your monthly budget. Decide on the amount you’re willing to put aside each month towards achieving your goals.

Utilise our practical budget calculator to figure out what you can genuinely afford to save each month, considering your other expenditures.

Choose your savings plan

Then, find the perfect environment to nurture your savings.

MBC Financial offers an extensive array of savings and investment products to accommodate all types of savers.

We can even formulate a custom plan that fits your requirements. Just keep adding to your savings each month, and you’ll soon be ticking items off your wish list.

Once you have a clear understanding of your saving purpose and duration, we can assist you in selecting a savings plan that suits your needs.

Looking for expert financial advice? Let MBC Financial help you! The first meeting is at our expense, so you have nothing to lose by filling out our query form. Don’t just take our word for it – read our client testimonials to see what people think about our work.