Saving for Education

Saving for a child’s education is a long-term goal that intensifies as a child progresses through school and college. It's wise to have a savings plan in place to ensure all their needs are met throughout their life.

Savings for the future

We all want to give our children the best possible start in life, with education being a top priority. However, the cost of schooling one child through university can easily run into tens of thousands of euros, escalating further with more children.

Saving options

After determining your savings amount, decide how to invest those savings. The amount invested depends on your risk tolerance. Choosing your investment strategy involves deciding on the return level you’re seeking and balancing it against your comfort with risk.

Financial planning

Saving for your children’s education can seem daunting, but with wise saving and investing, it need not be. Advice on a financial plan that adapts to your family’s changing needs can be beneficial.

Small changes, big results

Education costs are high and increase over the years. Planning ahead and building your savings year-on-year through regular contributions to MBC Financial’s Regular Savings Plus plan can help secure your child’s future education.

Grow your funds

We offer several saving products suitable for various savings goals. If you’re saving for your children’s education and future, explore our saving options and start growing your funds today.

Getting started

We provide many useful saving tools, from savings calculators to budget tools, to help you start and continue saving for your children’s future. We are here to assist you with your savings objectives.

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