How Savings Work

At MBC Financial, we reject the 'one size fits all' philosophy. When it comes to saving, we acknowledge that everyone has distinct starting points, unique goals, and varying saving capacities. Your saving method will depend on whether you're a regular saver or a lump sum investor. How much risk are you willing to take? What amount are you comfortable saving each month? We can guide you towards the most suitable savings plan for your unique situation and aspirations.

I'm a regular saver

If you wish to regularly set aside a certain amount of money, aiming to accumulate a fund over a certain period for a specific goal or perhaps just for emergencies, the Regular Savings Plus plan might be the right choice.

This is a unit-linked savings plan in which you can invest in a range of investment funds. With as little as €75 per month, you will be amazed by how quickly your savings can build up.

I've got a lump sum

Perhaps you have a significant sum to invest, received from an inheritance, a redundancy package, or another savings plan that you’ve cashed in. In this case, a Single Premium Investment Bond could be an excellent choice if you’re aiming to invest money for the long term. This is suitable if you have a lump sum of at least €5,000. You can also combine this lump sum investment with your regular savings.

Staying in control of your savings

Regardless of how you choose to save, with MBC Financial you’re always in control of your savings. If you opt to invest, we’ll assist you in deciding which funds to choose that align with your risk tolerance. As your savings grow, you’ll have full transparency of your account – online and through our dedicated team. And when the time comes to withdraw your savings, expect a smooth, hassle-free process.

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