Saving and Budgeting Tips

Setting clear goals

Successful saving begins with a clear understanding of your goals. What are you saving for, and what’s your timeframe? Knowing your objectives helps you determine how much to allocate each month and keeps you motivated and on track.

Set your budget

Kickstart your savings journey by creating a household budget. Analyse your monthly expenses to identify areas where you can cut back. MBC Financial offers tools to assist in monthly budget planning and annual spending, helping you stay on top of your finances.

Shop around

Compare rates for your energy, TV, internet, and mobile phone providers. Switching is usually straightforward and can result in savings. Use online comparison sites and tools like The Economiser to compare your expenditure with others and find the best deals on various services.

Don't forget your tax back

Claiming tax relief on eligible expenses is another excellent way to save money. Many expenses, such as medical fees, rent, mortgage interest, and more, are tax-deductible. Visit for a comprehensive list of available tax reliefs and ensure you’re not missing out on potential savings.

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