How Investing Works

Many individuals with lump sums choose to invest their money in stocks, bonds, funds, or property. Investment plans are essentially policies where you invest a lump sum into available funds. These funds carry varying degrees of risk and potential growth on the original investment. When you mature your investment plan, the return you receive is dependent on the investment's performance over the period of the investment.

Investment Bond

An Investment Bond is a single premium unit-linked bond, designed for individuals investing lump sums. To open an investment bond, you’ll need a minimum of €5,000 to invest over at least five years. This capital can be invested in a range of funds, each carrying different degrees of risk and potential return.

Combination Investors

Choosing to invest your lump sum is a wise decision. You can further enhance this choice by regularly contributing to your investment, thereby growing your fund even more. Learn some useful tips from MBC Financial to facilitate saving and budgeting.

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