Maximising Your Lump Sum with MBC Financial – A guide

Investing Responsibly: A Guide to Maximising Your Lump Sum with MBC Financial

Congratulations on having a lump sum to invest.However, with great financial opportunity comes responsibility. How can you ensure the best return on your investment? Let’s explore the key factors at play and how MBC Financial can help you navigate them.

Making Sound Investment Decisions:

Suppose you have a lump sum to invest, aiming to generate a profit. As a savvy investor, what should you consider when seeking investment opportunities in Ireland?

Time Horizon:

Most investments have a minimum time horizon of 5 years to allow for market fluctuations so you should be comfortable investing your money for a minimum of 5 years.

Risk Appetite:

Evaluate your comfort level with risk. While all investments involve some degree of risk, certain options carry more risk than others. Higher risk can lead to higher rewards, but it can also result in greater losses. Are you inclined to choose high-risk investments for potential high returns, or do you prefer lower-risk investments to minimise potential losses? Understanding your risk tolerance is crucial.

Financial Personality:

Consider your financial decision-making style. Are you cautious or adventurous? Do you react quickly to market or media changes? Understanding your financial personality will help shape your investment strategy and guide you towards suitable opportunities.

Implementing Investment Risk Management:

Regardless of your risk appetite, there are key traits to look for in an investment product. These traits empower you to maintain control over your risk level.

Regulated Companies:

Invest with a regulated company, such as MBC Financial, which is governed by the Central Bank of Ireland. Regulation ensures that companies act in the best interests of consumers and adhere to strict rules that protect your interests.


Spread your risk by investing in multiple types of assets classes, industry sectors and geographic locations. This strategy avoids overexposure to any single asset class, reducing the impact of potential losses and enhancing the potential for gains.

Consider Volatility:

Different assets have varying levels of volatility. By investing solely in one asset type, such as individual shares, you become more susceptible to market fluctuations specific to that asset. This approach may demand considerable time monitoring the market and deciding when to sell. MBC Financial can guide you on managing volatility effectively.

Choose Multi Asset and/or Managed Funds:

Consider choosing a multi asset and/or managed fund, where an expert investment manager leads the way. These professionals possess in-depth knowledge of diverse asset classes, industry sectors and geographic locations. They actively monitor performance, respond to market movements, and identify opportunities on your behalf.

Investing your lump sum responsibly requires careful consideration and guidance from experts like MBC Financial. Assess your time horizon, risk tolerance, understand your financial personality, and implement risk management strategies. By investing with regulated companies, diversifying your portfolio, considering volatility, and opting for multi asset and/or managed funds, you can make informed decisions that align with your goals. Contact MBC Financial today for personalised assistance in maximising your investment potential in Ireland.

Disclaimer: This checklist provides general guidance and is not intended as financial advice. It is essential to consult with a qualified financial advisor before making any investment decisions to ensure they align with your specific circumstances and objectives.

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MBC Financial is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.