How we at MBC Financial work with our clients

Discovery/Fact finding

We tailor financial advice based on a clear understanding of both your needs and your future goals. We will consistently update these initial findings throughout the lifetime of our relationship with you. We aim to empower you by providing you with all the information you need to reach your goals.

Risk Profiling

Risk Profiling is an important part of our discovery process with clients. It offers an indication of your attitude to and capacity for risk. From our perspective, it’s vital that you clearly understand what you are investing in and that your investment plan meets your needs and risk tolerance.


We will identify a suitable strategy that will combine both short and long term goals. We will analyse your resources and abilities to meet these goals and help you plan to mitigate the financial impact of death or serious illness. This will provide you and your family with greater financial clarity in relation to your current situation and the future.


We research the marketplace for products that will match the strategies we have agreed with you. We will then assess the suitability of the products available and explain them to you in simple terms.


We take account of all the previous steps in the advice process before we recommend a specific product – factoring in price, previous performance and its suitability to your agreed goals. We explain the key features of the product to you, highlighting relevant issues, which allows you to make the most informed choice possible.


There can be considerable amounts of paperwork involved in implementing financial products. We are familiar with the process and will set up your policies for you as well as ensuring that all documentation is correct.


We provide an ongoing advisory service, along with regular reviews, to ensure your plans are kept in line with your initial goals and adjusted as your personal circumstances change. The value of this service is fundamental in assisting you in achieving your long term goals.

Ongoing support

We provide ongoing support by assisting you or your family: if you need to make a claim on a policy; if you are changing employment; when maturing your pension fund at retirement; by advising on when the best time to mature an investment policy is etc.

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How we at MBC Financial work with our clients - Financial Advisor Cork

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