Fee based Financial Advisor Ireland

Financial planners are valuable members of the business community who can help an individual or company manage and get value from their finances. There are a few ways that Financial Advisors/Planners can be paid. We either charge you fees for the services we provide based on an hourly rate or flat rate or we get a commission from companies that we recommend. Whichever way is chosen you will always know what your advisor’s loyalty is to you.

Fee only financial advice

We are happy to charge a fee for our advice and we will stand over the advice that we give. We will tell you all your options and give advice that will benefit you. The cost of providing advice only could be approximately between €250 to €400 per hour.

Don’t want to pay a fee for financial advice?

We can also be paid by taking a commission with a company/organisation that we recommend. This will all be explained to you upfront. After hearing about potential commissions and expenses charged by third party insurance/investment companies, clients can make informed decisions based on their needs.

Contact our team for a no-obligation consultation. The first meeting is at our expense.

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